Beautiful Moments

We all have beautiful moments in our lives every day. They are right in front of us. It might be the beauty of a child’s smile, someone’s laugh, or a colorful sunset. Unfortunately, many people are so preoccupied with hurrying from one stressful encounter to another, that life’s moments rush by unnoticed.

Like everybody else, I have a busy life. I’m always moving from one thing to another, but I’m always looking up and down and here and there too. There’s so much beauty to be found in nature, and in the realities of life. I love life and I love people, and am seldom ever stressed or depressed by what I see.
This past week, while my husband and I were walking through Home Depot, I heard a little child behind us singing “…dashing through the snow… in a one horse open sleigh.” I immediately chimed in with “…o’er the fields we go… laughing all the way.” She ran ahead of us and turned back with a “who could possibly be singing with me” expression on her face. When she saw me, she smiled. I will never forget that cute little face as we both skipped right into the chorus, “Jingle Bells, Jingle bells….” She went off singing, and we moved into another isle while I continued, “…Jingle all the way.”

If you have ever been in the audience for one of my Keynote Presentations, breakout sessions, workshops, or retreats, you will have heard me say that we should:
“Enjoy life – every golden minute of it – even when the gold is tarnished.”
Every minute we are breathing we create approximately 500 thoughts within our brain. When our thoughts are negative, our muscle strength decreases and we become depressed. Both of these results can have a profound impact on our long-term health and vitality. Out of those thoughts, we speak about 150 words a minute. If those words are golden and joyful, they create energy within us. If they are negative and angry, they weaken us.

On another occasion, I came out of a grocery store and saw a beautiful sunset. “Wow. What beautiful colors,” I said out loud. The woman putting her grocery bags in the car next to me looked up and said, “Oh! I hadn’t noticed. It is pretty.”

Do take a moment or two to look up and down and here and there at all the beauty around you this holiday season. There are so many opportunities to find it, especially within the beauty of nature and the reality of life. It only takes a moment.

Carolyn Finch, the Body Language Expert known for her “Oops! Your Body Language is Showing” Keynote Speech, also speaks about “The Trinity of Health: Moving Well, Eating Well, and Thinking Well.” You can contact her at Electrific Solutions Inc. (203-405-3976) for more information about how to engage her to speak to your group. You can also visit her website:, or send an email to:

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