Carolyn is Doing Time in the MDA Lock-up Event Fundraiser

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Muscular Dystrophy encompasses several diseases that weaken the muscular skeletal system and impair movements. It usually appears in boys at a young age. However, there are types that can develop when someone is older. The first I heard of it was when I was Supervisor of the Speech and Hearing Clinic at Elmira College, in Elmira,…

Today is: Be Electrific Day©

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February 11, 2014 What is Be Electrific Day? This is a day to energize yourself with NEW knowledge of who you are and to also celebrate the birthday of Thomas A. Edison. He was the inventor of the light bulb, movie camera, audio recording devices and over a thousand other inventions. It is also a…

Oh! Do you know the Weiner Man who lives on Liars Lane?

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It was interesting to see Mr. Weiner with his wife Huma during a press conference. Most of the Body Language critiques were about her.  However, the gestures Weiner made were much more significant. As a Body Language Expert and Professional Speaker, I suggest that if you have the opportunity to speak before any group; do…