Embracing Life’s Situations

What does it mean to Embrace Life’s Situations? It means that one must receive gladly or eagerly the task, the situation or the person at hand. Often we think of an embrace as a hug. And it is a hug. However, we are able to embrace from a distance, from a point of view and from our heart working with our head to make conscious choices in life.

One hugs someone they haven’t seen for years, someone they love, are proud to know and are connected to. However, there is much that has happened before that physical embrace. In order to embrace, one must make a change in their Communication LifeStyle.

Once upon a time we were all little parasites, depending on others, eating off of others and being hugged by others. If we cried loud enough and long enough someone came and changed our diaper or position or gave us something to eat. Through the years we grew and our own personal experiences contributed to the unique individuals we are today.

• Learn how to adapt to a change in life
• Learn how to adopt a new attitude about a project or person
• Learn how to accept a new situation for what it is.

This presentation offers a great opportunity to continue growth through learning, laughing and leveraging. Through personal stories, humor and understanding the three steps to moving on, audience members will be motivated to understand life’s situations and how to embrace them. from the tiniest to the tumultuous.

Carolyn provided very positive thoughts and message, Excellent, Powerful and Amazing. Everyone enjoyed the talk-Carolyn iss so positive and resilient. We were captivated and could have listened to even more of her stories and experiences………… We got so much good feedback about Carolyn’s talk on Embracing Life’s Situations.” Debby Horowitz – Western CT Area Association on Againg.