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Conference and Corporate Speaker and Coach

Connecticut USA
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Carolyn Finch

Can you go all day without anxiousness or an argument?

Can you read the Body Language of clients and customers?

Can you close a deal, and create a contract based on trust?

Carolyn answers these questions and guides you in ways to enhance your Communication LifeStyle, to reap all the rewards you deserve. She provides 60 to 90 minutes of energy, enthusiasm, and education; sprinkled with humor, amazing stories and audience involvement to reinforce your choice of ideas to take home, to school or to the office for an amazing you!


Corporate Businesses

  • Stouffers Restaurants- Waiter
  • Worked for Hertz Rental as one of their first Rental Agents at NYC airports
  • Dun and Bradstreet Corporate Trainer throughout the US with various Corporations.


  • Owned first school to mainstream Challenged students in CT. Managed 150 children a day and staff of 12.
  • Conducted Workshops and training program in schools and colleges
  • Taught Communications and Public Speaking at University level 20 plus years


  • Speech Pathologist for Hospitals and HealthCare Centers. Started the Rehab Center, Danbury Hospital.
  • Supervisor of Speech and Hearing Clinic Elmira College, Elmira NY
  • Provided the first private Speech Clinic in Western CT with10 employees and 18 contracts.


  • Age 12 -15 ran her own car wash business then a toy store The Sunshine Shop and gift shop Apples and Oranges.
  • Created Peter Piper School and Learning Center, first school to mainstream challenged children in CT
  • Created Liberty National Bank with 3 partners and Carolyn was Chairman of the Board during organization.


  • Chicken’s Don’t Have Fingers and Buffalo Have No wings!
  • Opps! Your Body Language is Showing
  • 4 Wins and the 7 C’s


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