Brain Gym 101

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What is Brain Gym®101? ….  It is a course where you can learn the secrets of success in health and performance for your student or your child. Perhaps you would like to learn Brain Gym activities for yourself….. to help you grow in life, social, business, medical or educational areas.

Who teaches this program? …. Carolyn Finch MS SLP, Certified Applied Kinesiologist and Licensed  BrainGym Instructor.  She is a Speech/Language Pathologist and Body Language Expert.  Carolyn shares worldwide research that shows how movement is the key to life learning, brain development and growth.

Where does this take place? ….Brain Gym 101 takes place at Carolyn’s home on Beautiful and magical Candlewood Lake, 51 Cedar Drive, Danbury, Connecticut 06811 U.S.A.

When is it offered? …. Your opportunity to take this BrainGym 101 3-day (24hr.) course of physical movements and activities is during President’s Weekend, February 16-18, 2013.

Why would I take this course? ….You will learn how to draw out your potential in all areas of life. You can then transfer your skills to others if you are a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Recreation Director/manager, Senior, parent, teacher or individual interested in health, performance and success.

Which payment system do I choose?

The investment until December 19 – is NOW $400.

December 20 until class the investment is $425.00.

To repeat Brain Gym 101 investment is $250.00.   Call or E-MAIL…NOW  and send a check or money order to:

Electrific Solutions Inc. (Brain Gym) 51 Cedar Drive, Danbury CT 06811 USA

Call to pay through Pay Pal.

203-791-2756 or

For more information on Brain Gym go