Carolyn Finch Speaker Topics

Who is Carolyn Finch? She is an energetic, knowledgeable and entertaining Speaker who wants her audience members to succeed, be happy, be great communicators and be joyful. She is a Body Language Expert, Communications LifeStyle Expert™ and frequent Media guest. She was an expert in the award winning movie The Keeper of the Keys and has been on the Ellen Show and recently in a segment on ESPN. She is a Trainer for: Universal HandTalk a Survival Sign System™ and a facilitator for Laugh Out Loud Wellness™.

Motivational and Inspirational

The New You in Your World of Change

Sometimes one is so busy taking care of things and others they forget about themselves. A day at the spa may be great but living without continual stress is even better. Your world is changing everyday within your family, your community and country. Your Illness is the result of stress and stress is the breakdown of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual aspects of YOU. Learn to laugh, smile, and help yourself be all you can be, by knowing the secrets of Moving Well-Eating Well and Thinking well.

• Learn how to move well to be well!
• Learn how to eat well for sustained energy
• Learn how to think well for a positive attitude.

Oops! Your Body Language is Showing

Body Language or nonverbal communication sends the majority of messages to others. Speech is an on again off again system of communication and is adjusted or manipulated to meet the needs of the listener whether honest or not. Body Language never stops and sends messages of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual energies. Laugh, learn and love this presentation and also get a glimpse of lying.

• Learn how to Read Body Language of “those other people”
• Learn how to tell when someone is lying!
• Learn how to adjust your body language for social success.

Embracing Life’s Situations.

To embrace is to receive gladly, eagerly and willingly. Many people are not able to emotionally move on in life for even the tiniest situations can be horrendous to them. Through personal stories, humor and understanding the three steps to moving on, audience members will be moved to understand life’s situations and how to embrace them from the tiniest to the tumultuous.

• Learn how to adapt to a change in life
• Learn how to adopt a new attitude about a project or person
• Learn how to accept a new situation for what it is.