The New You in Your World of Change

Have you noticed things are changing? The world is changing. Technology, clothing styles, budgets and even the size and health of the average American. According to the World Health Organization the United States of America ranks 36th in the world in health and there are 49 countries whose inhabitants have a longer life span than the average American. LifeStyles change as family members come and go and lives are lost and changed due to disease, drugs and accidents. So what’s a person to do?

•Learn how to move well to be well!”
•Learn how to eat well for sustained energy
•Learn how to think well for a positive attitude.

In this Motivational Presentation audience members will get answers and ways to tweak their NEW YOU. By summoning their inner strength, dormant for far too long, they will now see themselves as the light hearted, brilliant ray of hope that shows positive communication and love of life.

Gone will be the negatives that haunt their daylight hours and keep them awake at night. This light hearted, yet serious topic will bring laughter, tears and joy that will inspire audience members to be motivated for discovery of who they really are and how they can contribute to the world in ways they have never imagined.