Oops Your Body Language is Showing?

This educational, fun, and interactive presentation addresses the communication of Body Language. This is the majority of language each person uses. Speech is an on again off again system of communication and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the listener whether honest or not. Body Language never stops and is continually sending out messages about a person’s Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual energies. Most of these messages are subconscious.

Come learn about the four basic personalities. Who are
you? What are you communicating to others that you are
not aware of? Oops! You will also learn about what
others may be communicating to you. Watch those
hands, check out the ear touch and know what’s really

• Learn how to Read Body Language of “those other people”
• Learn how to tell when someone is lying!
• Learn how to adjust your body language for social success.

Body Language is our number one way to read health,
wellness and disease. Time permitting, some aspects of
health will be addressed and lying will also be discussed.
After this presentation there might be some people in
the audience who are capable of making changes in their
Body Language so they can change aspects of their lives.