Next Appearance: Universal Hand Talk at Trumbull Rotary, Friday, July 26 7:30AM


What Is Your Body Saying When Your Mouth Is Closed?

Master Your Movements

Did you know you subconsciously attract and repel people? 

Your hands, feet, eyes, and posture, are CONSTANTLY sending out signals to every other body. Even when you're on the phone! Are you aware of all of them? 

By tuning into your own subtle signals and habits, and mindfully mastering your movements, you become the driver of the conversation; you become a "magnetic presenter;" you become the "gifted closer." 

Body language expert, Carolyn Finch gives you many practical tips that will make every meeting or conversation more enlightening, productive and valuable. You'll learn to: 

  • connect better with others
  • identify and understand personality style
  • monitor your own body language to enhance charisma
  • determine if someone is telling the truth
  • take your most powerful /positive stance
  • train your hands to work WITH you
  • guarantee a second date



at Trumbull Rotary 

Friday July 26

7:30 AM - 8:30

Trumbull Public Library Community Room
33 Quality Street
Trumbull, CT 06611 

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About Carolyn Finch


Body Language & Transformational Health Coach

Carolyn has educated thousands of people, from every kind of profession and lifestyle, how to recognize other’s thoughts and feelings by reading their body language.

Carolyn Finch, MS SLP is an internationally recognized Body Language Expert and an authority on speech and interpersonal communication. She combines her expertise from business, education and the medical world with entertainment talents that are memorable. Her audiences take away practical valuable information. Carolyn’s focus is to help you understand non-verbal communication and how messages are conveyed and interpreted.  She works with leaders, politicians and celebrities as a private coach and businesses and associations as a Facilitator and Keynote Speaker. 


Body Language Expert

Carolyn is president of Electrific Solutions, Inc. Her background includes consulting with corporations and health care facilities and teaching at the university level for over 28 years. Carolyn has been an entrepreneur since the age of 13 when she started her own car wash business. Since then some of her many accomplishments have been founder of Peter Piper School, the first preschool to integrate challenged children into the class room, author of educational materials, books and articles, The Electrific Learning Center, the Educational N’ Therapeutical Materials mail order business, and the Sunshine Shop. Carolyn has directed the Institute of Communication Counseling, and was an Incorporator and Director for the Liberty National Bank and Chairperson of the board during organization. She has been named in “Who’s Who of American Women,”  “International Professional Women,” “Authorities and Experts,” “Who’s Who of Professional Speaking,” and “Who’s Who of Medicine and Health Care.” Carolyn is a member of the National Speakers Association, the Connecticut Speakers Association and the Association for Women in Communications.  


Carolyn's Credentials

Keynote speaker, Carolyn Finch's media guest spots have included The Ellen DeGeneres Show, VH1 Red Carpet Special, CNBC News and the Rolanda Watts Show. Most recently seen on Good Morning Namibia in Africa. She has been interviewed for magazines and newspapers most recently quoted in TV Guide and Cosmopolitan Magazine. She has authored and co-authored several books and is featured on the cover with Bernie Siegel MD, Dr. Earl Mindell and Dr. Norman Rosenthal in the book Dynamic Health.  


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