Learn to Read Subconscious Body Language


Introducing Carolyn Finch - C-A-R-O-L-Y-N Finch Like the Bird

Body Language Expert, International Speaker, Transformational Health Coach
and Creator of Universal HandTalk


What Is Your Body Saying When Your Mouth Is Closed?

Master Your Movements

Did you know you subconsciously attract and repel people? 

Your hands, feet, eyes, and posture, are CONSTANTLY sending out signals to every other body. Even when you're on the phone! Are you aware of all of them? 

By tuning into your own subtle signals and habits, and mindfully mastering your movements, you become the driver of the conversation; you become a "magnetic presenter;" you become the "gifted closer." 

Body language expert, Carolyn Finch gives you many practical tips that will make every meeting or conversation more enlightening, productive and valuable. You'll learn to: 

  • connect better with others
  • identify and understand personality style
  • monitor your own body language to enhance charisma
  • determine if someone is telling the truth
  • take your most powerful /positive stance
  • train your hands to work WITH you
  • guarantee a second date