Increase Your Confidence Now

Acting & Professional Speaking Techniques Workshop

The professional acting mother and son team of Carolyn and David Finch teach how to move through life and business with confidence with their hands-on workshop. 

Acting & Body Language Workshop Details

Body Language experts for hire

Getting a chilly reception from cold calls? 

Nervous about that dream job interview or presentation? 

Need to stand up to a bully boss? 

Wishing you had more dating confidence? 

Then you  HAVE TO book this workshop. 

Broadway actor and musician David Finch and his mother, internationally-known inspirational speaker and body language expert, Carolyn Finch, will present "Increase Your Confidence Now With Acting Skills And Professional Speaking Techniques" to help you improve your sales techniques, public speaking skills, and personal and business relationships.

Finch and Finch will begin the workshop with techniques for individuals to present themselves, personality behavior styles, posture, head movements, and more. As a Body Language and Communication Lifestyle Expert™, Carolyn Finch states, "People often do not realize how loudly their body language reveals their confidence. Success is highly-influenced by a person's body language, speech, and eye contact with others."

The two actors will teach participants "how to present to the camera" and control one's voice when acting or telling stories. Fiddler, singer David Finch will provide his insights into using music in presentations and obtaining music on and off the Internet.

David Finch also performs on violin, guitar, banjo, mandolin, and harmonica. The "Chicago Sun-Times" stated, "David Finch is a sparkling personality who can sing and play superbly on a slew of instruments from strings to harmonica and spoons."

Certified nutritionist, speech therapist, alternative health practitioner for 25 years, and applied kinesiologist, Carolyn Finch, is founder and owner of Electrific Solutions, Inc. She is an award-winning speaker, speech therapist, For the past four decades, she has presented Body Language workshops across the United States.

In addition to nationwide speaking engagements, Carolyn Finch utilizes her extensive health and wellness background and education experience to coach individuals on their health concerns. She presents nutrition, health, and wellness-focused workshops for local area health-related events.